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Extended Period Of Storage .....

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I was just curious with a question for you wood phoenatics ..... :?

Lets say you remove you nicely bedded wood stock (or any woodie for that matter) from your action and plan ok keeping it stored somewheres for a rainy day or whatever.

Are there any recommendations for this proceedure?

Temps ... ?

Humidity ... ?

Wrappings/Covers ... ?

I had a pretty nice walnut with steel insert that was propped up in the corner of the residence here ... Indoors naturally for quite a long period of time. When recently attempting to install the barreled action it was learned that the stock had warped considerably enough to where I could not even lock in the trigger housing group into the receiver. :(

Six Out!
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six, Dampness can swell a stock sometimes enough to keep the trigger group from going in easily. Try putting just a tad of linseed oil on the inside of the stock where the trigger group rides and it should act as a lubricant. Should help ya get it to go in easier. :oops: I know how that sounds :roll:

About storage... I personally keep mine in the open room on a shelf in my office so the air can get at it. This is helpfull twofold. A, It can help to keep it from both swelling or drying out. B, I can keep an eye on it. Of course I like to be able to look at my wood stocks....like having nice furniture, you don't put it in storage cause you want to enjoy it. JMHO.
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