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Really looks more like a squib to me.

looks like she cleared an empty case, probably because it didn't have the power to eject it on just the primer.

Seen squibs too many times. We always stop the shooter though. Have yet to see a gun explode.

Well.... I have seen a gun explode years ago. Unfortunately.

Was at a shoot and a man had been hunting with a 20gauge the day before. He had one left in his ammo pouch and loaded it in the chamber of his BT99. Next time he looked down at the chamber it was empty. Though he forgot to load it, and stuck a 12 gauge on top. He didn't get the bang he was looking for.

His hand and forearm was all torn up. Had to have a couple surgeries following.
Ugh. This rings the classic warning from Hunter Education. We always talk about how a 20 shell will go right in and up ahead of the chamber so you wont see it. But it will remind you sternly when you send a 12 behind it.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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