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Enfield No4 Mk1* Long Branch

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shotgun said:
a couple months ago a friend gave me a sporterized enfield. dont know anything about them so i did a little checking, seems its a savage made rifle and marked U.S.Property. picked up some surplus .303 from a shooting buddy but havent fired a round though it. most of the rifle is there, but it looks like someone cut the front of the stock and just rounded it to the barrel.the barrel looks to be uncut as the front sight looks orignial. the butt of the stock hasnt been altered either.
caliber isnt marked so i assume its .303, if its been rechambered, like for .308, it would be marked ? correct?
i,de like to shoot it, just for grins, but if i dont thats cool.
Savage produced the No4 Mk1 Enfield in .303BR during WWII for the British government under the Lend Lease program. Your copy is a typical "Bubba'd" example of the No 4 Enfield :cry: . Since your barrel is still original, you can probably restore this rifle to it's former glory 8) without too much trouble. Stock parts are easy to get. You would need the fore-end and the two handguards with associated barrel bands and swivels.

Numrich usually has these parts in stock: http://www.e-gunparts.com/productschem.asp?chrMasterModel=1990zNO.4 MKI

good luck,


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wdigeorge said:

Those two Enfields looks great! Is it a No1 Mk3* and a No4 Mk1*?
From the pics......They appear to be #1Mk4's.........

First clue is the fore-end of the furniture, not quite coming up to the muzzle.

Very accurate rifle.........if you find a #1mk4(T).....you have a sniper variant.
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