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First batch of dedicated EBR triggers are ready to ship! They are available to order on the ShootingSight website. The original price for my M14 triggers was $195, however since these are CNC machined from scratch, using billet tool steel (no cast steel in these babies), I'm offering them at $175 as a start. We'll see what demand looks like, and if I pay off the programming cost, so future price is TBD, but we'll stick with $175 for now.

The EBR part is that the trigger bow has a customized shape, so the arc of the bow is suited for the ergonomics of pulling the trigger straight back with a pistol-grip style stock, versus the back/up pull direction with a traditional wrist stock design.

The guts of these triggers, are modified USGI geometry. I have updated the sear surfaces, based on capabilities that CNC has, which the US Army did not have 60 years ago. Further, sear surfaces are ground and lapped, and have a NiB coating applied, which is both high hardness, and low friction. Disconnectors are new made from tool steel with the contact surfaces designed based on a modification of the USMC NM design to give exceptionally high recock reliability - I have never had a report of any of my triggers doubling.

Of course, the biggest deal is that these triggers are adjustable, both for total pull force, and for second stage creep. We are not talking grinding of hammer hooks, or any of the traditional trigger job techniques. You literally adjust screws for both pull force, and second stage creep. The nice thing is you cannot ruin the trigger by grinding too much. There is no grinding. You adjust the screw in, till you go too far, then you back it out to get the correct setting.

These are 'usually' drop in parts with no modifications needed. Obviously, manufacturing tolerances in the trigger housing might occasionally cause some undesired interference that a gunsmith needs to correct, but in most cases, especially with USGI trigger housings, they just work.

High speed hammers are back in stock as well. Again, 100% CNC machined from billet tool steel, reduced polar moment due to lightweighting shaves 3ms off the swing time, to make these hammers as fast as NM AR hammers.


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I really like the function of the adjustable trigger and lightened hammer I picked up from Art at Camp Perry last year.
Looking forward to bringing home more good stuff this year.

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New Trigger Mechanism

Are these triggers still available and if so at what price? I am in the process of assembling a Bula XM21 in an EBR stock and would be interested to see if there are any reports as to how well this new trigger mechanism works.

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