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I have this rifle, which is a November of 1984 SA M1A with USGI parts, H&R barrel and bolt. I put it into an E2 configuration before prices for the stock and accessories went bat sh%t crazy. The story on the original rifle is a guy came into one of the Hugo gun shows (NoVA) back in the late 80's and wanted to trade it (with a Simmons 3x9 scope) for one of the tricked out Mini-14s we were selling; said the M1A had too much recoil for him).

I wanted to put it into this, but the folks here highly suggested keeping the E2 as is:

I picked up this SA M1A as a donor rifle at a great price from a local guy who never fired it and has had it laying around since 2006:

I stripped the donor rifle, cleaned it and greased it up old school using some original grease I cracked open for the build:

Household 6 had chores for me which included an "antique" she bought as penance for my recent gun purchase transgressions. Antique, really, more like an overpriced POS, doesn't even do anything but sit there looking ugly (don't tell her I said that). So the rifle sat overnight to be finished this morning.

I put the rifle into the Sage EBR chassis system working through issues like removing the operating rod retaining guide and aligning the gas system thanks to tutorials on the forum (picture of MK1, Mod 2 alignment tool):

Here's the finished product complete with an SWFA SS optic in an LT 608, and some peeps and a LaRue dillo who oversaw the production (yes, I am a LaRue fanboy):

Now I just have to find the time to put some 168gr goodness down range!

Gratuitous picture of other recent purchase:

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