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Early Arms mount w/stripper guide PIC

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Some of you asked for a picture of the early ARMS mount
with the stripper guide, some said it did not exist....well,
here is mine. Yes they are seldom encountered but, well
worth having, kind of sad that ARMS eliminated this design.

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Wow, that's really cool.

I had no idea that was ever made.

Thanks for sharing the pics.
Damn, that is cool! I wish they still made those as an alternative to the most recent full rail design.
That is nice Vet66 never seen that one before want to trade for a new one Nib LOL!!! Fred
Aloha Vet:

That is an excellent picture and example of the ARMS mount... :lol: That is one for the "archives"!!!

Thanks for sharing that with us!


Tom O.
Damn I thought the new one was an "improvement" so I got the new one, now I regret it. Anyone know why they stopped making them that way apart from having more mounting positions. Mmmmm........ wonder if I could get the newer one machine??? :?
I want one! I got the old style but not with the clip guide. That's nice!
*****, don't you do a bit of machining? Do you think it's at all feasible to machine a newer mount (full rail) into something like Vet's? Would be great to retain the use of stipper clips with the mount still in place.
It actualy wouldn't be that hard. I will need to make a jig to support it in the mill vice but I can do it pretty easy. I did it to an older cheap POC mount someone gave me once. You must have read my mind. I got a couple of other little tweeks for the arms mount in mind too but I need to look into it and make sure I don't get sued doing it. copyright infringement or whatever. I am no lawyer.
I have 2 of the old style mounts. I'm going to machine both of them to take the stripper clips. Now, off to the milling machine I go.

If anyone else wants it done, I'll do it for ya. Just let me post a pic of mine when it's done.

I'm saving the pics in my folders too. :D

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Hey Warbird - you want to sell me one? :mrgreen:
now that scope mount i like.
coulter6 said:
Hey Warbird - you want to sell me one? :mrgreen:
Naaahhhhh, I'll have to keep them. Now I have a reason not to sell them since I'm going to modify mine for the clip guide. :mrgreen:

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I recently stopped at ARMS and talked iwth a gentle man there for quite awhile about their products--my main reaso nfor stopping was in hopes to find an old style 18. Heres what they told me.

The old style has been discontinued because they were having a casting issue--in which the front mounting pad would not be lined up with the aft landing pad---evidently in the cooling process one of the pads would warp. hwne mounting that beutiful mark IV leupold it would cause a strange torsion on the scope --causing problems.

So the answer was a full length --rigid rail. I have both--i prefer the old style--had problems with my new style and ejection.

So theres your answer from ARMS themself on why we now have a full mount.
Thanks for the info 800m. So it would stand to reason that modifying a full rail would probably be more dimensionally stable than the original, in theory that is.
But-Oh, if you got your hands on one that was aligned correctly-drool, drool....
That's pretty interesting. I have never seen an old style arms mount w/ the stripper clip guide before neither. Maybe somebody will figure out a way to manufacture these mounts and able to correct the manufacturering problems that ARMS was having?
Well, I've never heard of any production problems with any
of the ARMS series of mounts.
Mount shown in my pic is of the first series, ARMS decided that the
guide was not needed,The second series (open center also) the
guide was eliminated. Third series (full Rail) was done to facilitate
mounting positions, the two post was a limiting factor.

I really would like to know who you talked to @ ARMS because the
info you received is not correct. If you have this gentleman's name,
be so kind as to PM me. :-k
i can see where the two older gen mounts might have casting problems. but in fact they are all cast so the shrinkage when cooling would affect them all. the material will shrink in every direction the same percentage.

at work we have plaques cast for us on a regular basis. often these will be warped, when it's just a flat plaque. FYI: the typical shrinkage for bronze is about 2%.
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