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After years of trying to find an E2 buttplate, I have pretty much given up. I decided I'd bust out the dremel tool and the welder and try to make my own. After quite a bit of cutting, welding, filing, sanding, etc. I made a buttplate that would fit my stock. The pictures are below.

So, now that I have this done, there is one problem, it just flops in the breeze. I have no idea how the original ones worked. I'm requesting you look at my pictures, and let me know if you have any ideas for adding some type of spring to allow it to catch in the open and closed positions.

Also, just genereally speaking, what do you think of the buttplate? I'm considering reshaping the contour to give it a shape more like the original E2 buttplate and also filing the checkering away. Or... do you think it looks okay, and I should leave it as is?

Thanks for your time,
John Thomas

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