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So I got me a little China Doll. IDE Polytech for 8 bills with 5 20rd mags (2 Korean NIW, 2 Chinese copies, and a junker from God knows where) and a 5 rd Springfield.

Now I know about the "soft" bolt thing. These IDE's had better bolts, but the headspacing issues make shooting 308 commercial a no-no. I'll list what I have done to her so far, what I plan on doing next, and hope to hear from the peanut gallery on what should be done to finish off the rifle and my wallet.

Replaced the rear sight with one from a BM59

Replaced spring guide with a Saitek NM

Replaced main spring with a NIB USGI

Added a scout mount with handguard for future low power optic

waiting for NIB Springfield black poly stock, as this is going to be my field/ truck rifle, and is not going to be babied.

Waiting for my muzzlebrake, as the one on the rifle is crooked. Have a Tritium front blade to mount on it also.

Waiting for someone on God's green earth to sell me a LRB bolt so I can ship this bitch to Warbird to square it away.

Going to put the Saitek magazine latch and bolt release on it at the same time.

The current magazine latch sticks out way too far right now, and makes magazine changes hard. Any ideas on what is causing that?

Did I forget any other way to throw money down a rat hole? Bueller? Bueller??

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