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:D :D :D :D :D

I'll be-damned if it didn't work!!!

After all that work the evil m1a gave me some EXCELLENT results!
Found two loads with 165 gr Sierra HPBTGKs that shot moa at 100 yds. w/irons over a sandbag rest. 10 rnds. each.

Still doesn't much like the Aussie. :lol: (Like I CARE, now!)

And we GOT that cowardly SADDAM!!!! :D :D :D :D

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Aloha Spud!

1 MOA with 10 rd. groups? Holy Cow!!! 8O That is OUTSTANDING!!! And with irons... Wow, how cool!!! =D>

If you don't mind, can you revisit this project for the others on what you did to your rifle by way of modifications and how did you get these fantastic groups!!!

I am very interested in hearing about your success!!! And, I was just about ready to PM you to see how you were doing! Very Cool! This means you should be doing some \:D/ to celebrate!

Aloha and Congratulations!!!

Tom O.

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This is my third m1a. The first was a "Loaded" from the mid 90's that I traded off like an idiot. The second was sent back to SA Inc. and replaced with this one a few months ago.
It started life as Standard new M1a.
Has a 2-63 H-R bbl.
NOT in this order! (It's all a fog... HA!)
1. Replaced the extractor (spring and detent, too), op-rod, gas system and piston, front band, muzzle brake lock nut & set screw w/ GI parts.
2. Relieved stock ferrule and stock for gas system clearanceand glued on ferrule w/ Micro-Bed.
3. Bedded liner w/ Marine-Tex.
4. Bedded receiver with 30+ lbs of pressure with Marine-Tex. Used the "pillar-bedding" method as explained in Kuenhausen's book.
5. Unitized the gas system.
6. Shimmed the gas system.
7. Peened the muzzle brake and gas system splines.
8. Refinished the stock w/ Watco med. walnut and Diamond-Coat Spar Varnish.
9. Lapped the front band/ ferrule interface to perfect match.
10. Worked on the rear sight WAY too much. Tightened, lapped, smoothed, and tattooed (that's a joke...).

That's the short version.

There's probably more, but I can't recall anymore right now.
I did all this work myself.
Having a former career as a musical instrument repair technician for the USMC helps, though.

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