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Douglas and Hart Barrels - Quality Difference?

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This is from another thread, I didn't want I hi jack the topic so I created this one:

warbird said:

It has been proven that Hart barrels will not stand up to the stress of rapid fire shooting or full auto if needed and keep shooting accurately in semi.
Gus Fisher has stated this as well and he is a MTU armorer.

I shoot a Krieger heavy barrel on my supermatch and it shoots every bit as good as a Douglas.The only advantage with the Krieger is,the bore is .002 smaller diameter and will last about 3000 rounds longer when it comes to accuracy.

I was saying above that Douglas is far better than a Hart barrel.I've never used a Hart barrel and never will.HTH

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I picked up a Douglas and a Hart barrel from CMP when they first came up for sale...same ones that Dighawaii (Tom) got and posted pics of a while back. What was the reason for the hart barrel not holding up in full auto? Is it due to the type of material used or the way it was made? I am trying to understand and learn more about these barrels.

The Hart barrel actually cost more than the Douglas from CMP...interesting. :roll:
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wdigeorge that is a good question. I have bolt rifles w/Hart
barrels that shoot aces. I too would like to know why they would
not be the same for the M1A. :-k
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