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Double Lug Range Report

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I found this poor little lonely ad that was about a month old on barfcom for a Clint Fowler built double lug on a SAI receiver. The price was WAAY too good to pass up so I pulled the trigger.

I pulled off the scope mount, bipod and cheek rest and restored it to it's intended roll- A High power competition rifle

Specs are:

-SAI receiver sold as a receiver in 1989 which I've been told by the seller that Clint Fowler of Fulton armory converted to a double lug.
-Krieger heavy 1-10 in chrome moly( I like the black look!)
-TRW bolt
-HR trigger group
-NM hooded sights
-Standard front site(which I'll be changing to NM)
-Heavy contour walnut stock which is BEAUTIFUL I might addGI2

I haven't taken a look at the oprod yet but I'd almost bet it's USGI

Finally got a chance to take her out on Sunday and put some lead through her.

Judging by the 10 round rapid string she put up, I think she'll do...... GI1

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Nice rifle. A true gem you got there.
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