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Double Lug Range Report

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I found this poor little lonely ad that was about a month old on barfcom for a Clint Fowler built double lug on a SAI receiver. The price was WAAY too good to pass up so I pulled the trigger.

I pulled off the scope mount, bipod and cheek rest and restored it to it's intended roll- A High power competition rifle

Specs are:

-SAI receiver sold as a receiver in 1989 which I've been told by the seller that Clint Fowler of Fulton armory converted to a double lug.
-Krieger heavy 1-10 in chrome moly( I like the black look!)
-TRW bolt
-HR trigger group
-NM hooded sights
-Standard front site(which I'll be changing to NM)
-Heavy contour walnut stock which is BEAUTIFUL I might addGI2

I haven't taken a look at the oprod yet but I'd almost bet it's USGI

Finally got a chance to take her out on Sunday and put some lead through her.

Judging by the 10 round rapid string she put up, I think she'll do...... GI1

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Was that group shot using just a sling?
Off the bench 100 yards
Nice rifle and good shooting !
I have 2 that Clint Fowler lugged and they both have been excellent performers...... I will not say that either gun shot much better after double lugging than before -- But, the double lugged bedding has worn out a couple barrels and is still very tight.......
One of the guns is in an early McMillian stock and the other is in a heavy wood stock that looks very much like yours...

You have chosen wisely grasshopper -
Yeah the lugs won't really help the accuracy other than prolong the accuracy.

One thing that concerned me with this rifle is that it has a very light trigger group lock up. I was all concerned but then realized that the action is bolted the the stock so tight lock up is not required.

Can't wait till I cAn get it to a 88 round NRA match!
what were you slingin? 168s?

168 hornady BTHP in front of 41.5 H4895.

Nothing special. No trickle charge or load development. Just your standard dump and seat load.
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