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Don't give up on finding USGI barrels

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I just got this and thought I would share it, especially for those who are searching for a USGI barrel. Beware, I am bad at taking pics so hope they work for you. They are still out there so don't give up. I will admit I got very, very, very lucky on not only finding this beauty locally but also the price-$250!!! I was not in the market for a barrel but I just couldn't reseist this steal. It's a new in the tube standard chrome lined 9-69 SAK barrel with a TE and MW of just over zero and the chrome is not flaking. When I bought it it had the white "speckles" on it that the few new in wrap USGI parts I've opened had on them. This barrel looks better than the NIW garand barrels I got from the CMP a year ago. I had never even seen a pic of the barrel tube until I found this. It will soon be covered in grease but thought I'd give some of you a glimmer of hope on your search for USGI barrels. I have a feeling that this barrel will cost me much more in the future as it will probably be nagging me to turn it into a rifle. Pay no attention to the date in the pics, I had to replace the batteries in the camera this morning and didn't change the date.

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Nice score!!!

Yes never give up looking....it took me close to 22 years

but in that time period i finally came across an original USGI SA M14 NM barrel in mint condition

and a year before that an original TRW NM barrel in as-new shape

The stuff is out there you just have to be looking and sometimes be just plain lucky

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They indeed are out there. As I was looking to collect parts for a CMP "A" build, I put a "WTT" ad here and at the CMP forum to trade for a NIW M1 barrel, and got a nice, new unused SA 6 67 barrel, flawless... the fellow who had it said he had it for probably 20 years just sitting there with it's little straw and a little plastic cap on the threads. (He is an M1 guy mainly)... I had it checked over carefully by hueygunner, he said it's brand new, never used, as I had hoped!
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