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Does the SOCOM limit add on "options"?

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I have only recently started browsing the forums and think i picked up somewhere along the way that the SOCOMs shorter barrel limits the ability to install other things later on. I apologize, but I say "things" because at this point i dont even know what you would install...scopes? flashlights? muzzle breaks? flash suppressors?
Other things?

I am concerned about the future versatility of the shorter model i guess.

Thanks 8)
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From what I understand, the SOCOM has proprietary threads on the barrel or gas system (business end) which would prevent use of aftermarket muzzle breaks or flash supressors. Generally SOCOMS will work with any sights/scopes you want (forward mounted) but SA has been reported to have problems with some scope bases mounted to receivers. Generally the Smith Enterprises mount has the best success and the ARMS has some trouble with the newer SA receivers.
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