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I am old enough (57) to remember when McDonald's had the red and white tiles and yellow arches, with the burger-headed guy on the sign like in the OP's pic. I was a little kid but can still recall it.

Someone mentioned the Red Barn.....I remember that too. How about Burger Chef, anyone recall that?
We had a Burger Chef in town. I went once with my mom, remember a small burger with too much mustard. The store went belly up soon afterwards.

I vaguely recall the introduction of the Big Mac...I must have been 3 or 4 at the time, my dad came out to the car with it in the bag, we both took a bite, looked at each other, put it back in the bag drove the three miles down the road to Lobsterman and split a takeout container of shrimp.

"Don't tell your mother"

1 - 1 of 59 Posts