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I'm trying to find out who manufactured the barrel and what type of stainless steel was used for my Winchester Model 70 Heavy Varmint, chambered in .308.

I called Winchester and they couldn't help me, and neither could their historian. He told me it could be either 410 or 416 stainless since the barrels were sourced from different manufactures. The only thing he could tell me was the year of manufacture and that the barrel could have been sourced from one of two barrel manufacturers for this particular model that I have. He made it seem like it was a 50/50 chance since some were made in 410 and other 416, or 416R, since he wasn't sure about 416R.

Should I give up the search or is there anyone here that might have some sort of idea on how I could solve this? There is a reason why I'd really like to know and it might seem like a waste of time but there is some method to my madness. Wilson Arms contacted me back and told me they sent a small batch of heavy 416R barrels to Winchester in the mid 90's, which matches my rifle's date of manufacture particularly (1994). Is there some kind of distinctive marking that would stand out? the only thing I see is Winchester's roll mark, no other type of stamping anywhere.
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