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Difference Tween FMJ and Ballistic Tips & the Tactical Test Dummy

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I have had the test dummy in my Van since last November. It does make an interesting conversation piece.
Last Sunday I got to the Range at 0630 all to my self so she decided to take one for the Team
All rounds were reloads
5.56 Hornady 55gr FMJ
5.56 IMI 62gr Penetrators
.308 Hornady 150gr FMJ for the M1 and M1a
.308 Mil Pull Down for the M1 and M1a
.308 Hornady 150gr SST
Distance 150 yards
Entrance on all FMJ

Exit on all FMJ

Entrance for the SST's

Exit on the SST's

Wow what a Difference I am Sure I have the Projectile for Deer and Coyotes
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There goes your car pool lane companion.GI1
That is quite a difference with the SST bullets.
Thank you for sharing,

I'll bet those breasts are fake...
I'll bet those breasts are fake...
Yes They are but they are Firm Very Firm (FRG1FRG1FRG1FRG1FRG1FRG1FRG1FRG1FRG1FRG1ROFLMAO)
And She is Still Riding with Me just a Tad Lighter
That's funny stuff

Really great post, nothing like punching holes in something other than paper to show the penetrating power of a .308
Next time I'm at the range, I'm going to see if I can use some SSTs on water jugs like on the box o truth. I use this load in my .308 AR and they are very accurate. I'd like to see if I get good penetration and expansion or if they explode like others have said they do. Only one way to find out!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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