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DIFFERENCE m1a//m-14

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I, bonjour, Tell meThe difference entre arms m1a et arms harrington&richardson no full m14 ....tell-me...Thanks excuse my english..Me I possede une harrington-richardson original full number ,but no full machine gun how much ???? thanks Solll
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A real H&R M14 would have the selector lug on the right rear side of the receiver, as well as the center op rod dismount notch in the op rod track and a groove cut under the front of the op rod track for the connector rod. A semi-auto only M1A would have none of those features.

Additionally, a real M14 receiver would be hammer forged, not cast like an M1A, so it would be a bit stronger.

They will look and function identically otherwise. Of course, an M1A is not capable of full-auto operation though.

Here is an LRB Arms M14SA (semi-auto only). It has a receiver forged to USGI M14 specifications, but without the select-fire features of a real M14. Does it look like your H&R?

click the picture for a higher resolution image...
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