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Did anyone else see this one? another H&R M14 on GB

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Another H&R M14, SHOCKED2

this was advertised as a Re-Weld, a 30 day listing, a buy now thing, $1032.00

Out of curiosity I emailed the guy to see if he had any pictures, and he emailed me back to ask if I could take text pictures on my phone, so I did, then he actually called me, he said that several people were asking the same.

He sent the pics then actually called me back, he told me the story that he had a buddy some 20 years ago,
"when you could buy the saw cut reciever pieces at the gun shows"
he said it had a 1/4 inch saw cut and his buddy welded it back together and is a great shooter, "a real tack driver" he also said it'll do 1 1/2 inch groups at 200 yards. not a single problem, ever. he did mention that it had the Lug Removed and was semi auto only, I was hoping for closer pictures.
It came with 2 stocks, a 20 round mag and a 5 round mag

he did say it was a parts gun, I politely enough shyed away from it,

The next morning I saw the listing was gone and texted him to ask if it was still available, his answer was a simple "NO"

Soooooo....... just wondering if he actually did sell it or if someone explained the whole "once a machine gun, always a machine gun" thing to him.

I gotta tell ya if I lived in the same state I would have been VERY tempted!!!

Whadya think?
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I think you'd have a hard time tempting me to buy an illegal re-weld, whether you're in the same state or not. :)

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Hopefully the parts get stripped off the receiver and saved. The receiver needs to disappear. Those parts alone should get what his buy now price was if they were in good shape.

Nothing about that receiver would tempt me further than an oxy/acct torch.
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