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A few weeks ago, I met a father and son at the local range... son was shooting and father was spotting for him... and guess what? Shooting M1 Garands... so we got to talking... more like my favorite past time "Jawing about Guns!".... and it seems that the son liked M1A's as well... very cool!!!

So happens that the father (Richard) and son (Chris) wanted to refinish their Garands and asked for help... I have the tools to take barrel bands off, gas cylinders, gas plugs etc., so I said sure...

Turns out that I have been so busy recently that I have not had a chance to meet up with them...

Well yesterday, we got to talking about this weekend and I am always doubtful on whether I will be there (at the range) or not, so I said... maybe...

As it turns out, we all live in the same area, so I invited these fellas over to help them as they needed. It was supposed to be simply taking the barrel bands off their handguards, but as we got started, it was a bit more... we stripped the barrel assembly to just receiver/barrel... and then, got to talking about Chris' M1A... oh boy, I can jaw all night on that one...

I field stripped it and took a good look at what he had, the rifle appeared to be a SA standard or Loaded with all NM parts. And some TRW to boot. But the stock was the "black Krinkle" one and definitely WAS NOT bedded... so it was NOT a true NM rifle, but definitely a good start!

I was amazed and impressed with Chris' understanding of the M1 Garand and the M14 type rifle. Obviously, he has done some homework! Good for him and his dad!!! I love to see a father supporting his son! Very Cool, in my book!

All in all, I think they stayed for about 3 hours... and a myriad of subjects that we spoke and chatted about! This is a lot of fun for me... but unfortunately, I am not sure if I will have a chance to this again... but we'll see!!!

I invited father and son to join the boards and told them that this is where the education, friendships, networking and the deals happen!!! Proud of them to make the effort but very proud of us!


Tom O.
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