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Around 1986 someone I knew offered me his Springfield M1A rifle to settle a debt. I knew that he had only had it for a couple years, that it has a NM barrel and that it had potential to be built up into a solid precision/tactical rifle, so I agreed.

I'm getting ready to sell it so I have been doing my home work on it, and I have a few questions which I need more knowledgeable people to help me.

1)One of the markings shows it to be a Devine, TX barrel. Were these barrels made my Mr Balance, or did he job them out? If they were jobbed out - who made them?
2) Another barrel marking is this: Oversized P space space SAK space 7791362-7-65 space 3251319, to me, this indicates that the barrel was made in July 1965. Is this correct

Thanks for any help you can give me.
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