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Devine Road Trip (pix heavy)

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I went to see Elmer Ballance Thursday & Friday. I had him sign my rifle, original marked to the rifle magazines, some books and a I ❤ Devine t-shirt. We had a good visit, telling stories and jokes. At 90 years old, he is still enjoying his shop.
I took a bunch of pictures. Here are some of his trophies and a picture from 1964 Camp Perry. I was able to pick him out in the picture.

Can you tell which way the wind was blowing?
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I went to Elmer again yesterday. I Also stopped by and saw Lee Emerson. I got him to sign my copies of “The M14 History and Development”
Glasses Cloud Plant Sky Vehicle

Forehead Face Glasses Chin Sky

Artist Bottle Artisan Water bottle Selling

singing my original sales brochure
Sky Plant Tree Wood Book
Elmer checking out Lee’s books. He is 90 years old now and still sharp as a tack.
Everything is fine in Devine.

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I have a saying about that, "You used to walk to in a Army Navy store and everything smelled of canvas & cosmoline,
now everything smells like fish heads & rice because it's all made in China"

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And his shop has the aroma we love. I wished I had taken picture of all the cabinets full of parts. There were many of them. I love to dig, I could have spent two weeks digging for hidden treasures. Besides M1A stuff, he has AR,1911, Garand and some Carbine. I would not have a doubt there may be some prototype stuff hid out amongst the piles.
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