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Devine #222

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Just picked this one up today. Devine #222 NM. Came out of Ft. Bragg/Fayetteville. Complete with AR-TEL and Can. Built by G.I. armory in the very early 70's, this rifle mimics a Veitnam era military M21, with all USGI armorer accurizing tricks - per the book, and untouched since. All still in EC:

pic one
pic two
pic three
pic four

pics changed to urls as they exceed the 400 pixel maximum allowable width..... The R.O.
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warbird said:
I wonder why someone added the NM on the receiver?
Maybe to keep it seperated from the standard rifles I guess.
This rifle was built "in house" by a master armorer. There are a number of stampings and mods associated with the M21 program of the time. The "NM" marking on the heel is one such mark...
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