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Devil Dogs and M14s

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As a Marine and a lover of the M1A I find it disappointing to see that most of the Marine pictures with M14s are Vietnam era and most the the Army ones are NOW. :cry: I know the Marines have the DMR but it's just not the same... :cry:
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We never had to make the news or a movie about ourselves to know who we were and what we did 8) .
what I was whyning about is that the Army has put the M14 back in use while the Marines haven't.
I thought most amphib-assault platoons had at least 2 per squad , designated rifleman. When I was shipboard , the marine roving patrols were often armed with 14s , 20 years ago. (20 years , damn I'm old)
When I was down at Blackwater last year the Navy was bringing seamen in from Norfolk and training them in the use of M-14's. Not a mouse gun in sight but real M-14's were being issued to the sailor's
It was my understanding that the DMR M14s that the Marines built up were originally obtained from the Army. Now that the Army has embraced the idea of a designated marksman armed with an M14, do you really think that they'll let the Marines have anymore. 8O :wink: Same old, same old. FWIW, IMHO, the Marine's DMR M14 is a much better rifle than the rack grade rifles that the Army is issuing to its troops. Also, I've read lots of reports of GIs having to scrounge for scope mounts and other gear or have friends or family purchase in CONUS and ship over. :evil:

Some eye candy for you:

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