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Deserter Asks Obummer For A Pardon

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Just read that our infamous deserter Bowe Bergdahl (I refuse to call him a sergeant), has asked Obummer for a pardon before his upcoming trial. Knowing Bummer's penchant for granting pardons (he's given out over 700 pardons in 8 years according to the paper), I don't doubt that he'll try, even though he hasn't been convicted yet. Sounds like reality is setting in for old Bowe. Sorry to ruin the day for you guys, but I hope the bastige hangs!!! -Lloyd BEERCHUG1
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Sorry, I believe the men who lost their lives looking for this worthless sack of CENSOREDGI didn't deserve their fate and should be honored and remembered for their sacrifice.
No more time or oxygen needs to be wasted on this "person".
The standard punishment for desertion is not only warranted in this case but well deserved.
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