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Desert Storm Navy Snipers?

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I had seen one of these pictures floating around the forum, I believe the stated source was USA Today paper from back in the day ‘On the Road to Kuwait’. Came across more of the photos online. Were these Navy guys or Army? The McMillan M88 looking rifle makes me think Navy Seal. I guess it would be a PSSR not a M25.

Camouflage Military camouflage Military uniform Marines Military person

Squad Helmet Wheel Military camouflage Cargo pants

Squad Military camouflage Camouflage Military uniform Marines

Camouflage Military camouflage Squad Military uniform Military person

Camouflage Military camouflage Cargo pants Squad Military uniform
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I hate to see the M14-type being treated like that! Looks like it is being passed around like a cheap who-are. Everybody taking a turn. Makes me think this is a staged pic. What sniper would pass his M14 around to all the other guys?
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