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Denver Gunshow Finds

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Hit the monthly Tanner Show today, and low and behold found a few goodies- USGI M14 barrels! Brought my gauges so I picked up a Winchester- June 1963 barrel T.E. 0, Muzzle 0, for substantially less than $200. This one has never been on a rifle looking at threads, gas cylinder and flash suppressor splines. Some edge wear from rubbibg with others. The guy also had an H&R at about 1 and 1. He told me that one guy had bought ten from him yesterday- mostly SA's, H&R's and Winchesters- Dang! missed that! Also found a Fred's tigerstripe camo stock and handguard- dirt cheap!
This same guy said that he had recently seen a bunch of M14 barrels advertised at around $180 plus shipping. I'm trying to run down that source. Will post if I find them.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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