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Decisions on a new M1A

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I am finally going to buy a M1A, I have found:

MA9822 Loaded, Walnut stock, stainless steel barrel--$1345.50

MA9222 Loaded, Walnut stock, carbon barrel--$1309.00

from Springfield Armory. The difference between the stainless & the carbon barrel. Which is better & why? What is a good price on either? Hopefully I can get this ordered Monday morning and be shooting next weekend.

Thanks ahead of time.
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It depends on what you want to do with it. At the advice of many on here and from such smiths as Geoff Corn, Ted Brown and many others, get a MA9102 or MA9103. A lot of the "loaded" add ons really aren't that great or high quality from what I hear. Most likely you'll eventually want to replace 'em with USGI parts anyway, so why pay for "upgrades" that really aren't? If you can find a MA9102 (or MA9103, but they've been discontinued and are getting harder to find) that was made before '04, it will have a USGI chrome lined barrel 8) . Then all the money you save on the "loaded upgrades" can be used to buy things like USGI parts, mags and ammo etc.

Do a search. Myself and many others have asked similar if not identical questions about barrel materials before. General consensus is...

First choice. USGI chrome lined
Second choice. Carbon Steel
Third choice. Stainless

I was able to find a MA9103 for $995 NIB. Took me a while to get it, but I got it and it was worth the wait. If you want to, hit me with an email and I'll give you the contact for the dealer. I've never seen better Springfield prices.


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