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Darker Finish Question

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I have another question. The finish at the rear of the receiver (Where the serial # is) on my Garand is noticably darker in color than the rest of the receiver. I think I read somewhere that this part of the receiver was dipped in something (I dont remember what) in order to help harden the metal. Is this correct? Has any one else seen this on their Garands?
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The rear of the M1 Garand receiver was annealed by dipping it in molten lead. This action was taken to prevent cracking of the receiver heel when the rifle was used to launch grenades.



process in which glass, metals, and other materials are treated to render them less brittle and more workable. The material is heated and then cooled very slowly and uniformly, with the time and temperature set according to the properties desired. Annealing increases ductility and relieves internal strains that lead to failures in service.

-- Chuck
It seems to be especially common on Winchesters, at least in my experience.

Thanks guys. Mine is a 1941 S/A. Is this something that would have been done at the time of manufacture or during a rebuild?
My 1942 Springfield M1 Rifle shows no signs of rebuild as received from CMP several years ago. Original barrel, etc. Nice "two tone" receiver, the aft couple of inches are black, the forward portion is almost an OD green.

I can't, however, find anything quickly in either of General Hatcher's books I have on the shelf.

-- Chuck
Chuck, that is exactly what my receiver looks like. It has a 1948 S/A barrel on it, but I am not sure if it was just rebarreled or completely refinished too.
the annealing shows through a repark. like would be done if the gun was refinished.
Someone across the street was saying that the annealed receiver heels were lead dipped.
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