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I have a CZ Model 97B and concur with most of Tommo's evaluation.

The 97B is very large and famous (among 97B owners) for not feeding anything but hardball or round nosed profile bullets.

That said, I have been lucky with mine in that it will feed 200 grain SWC's and most HP's with 100% reliability.

I personally like the 97B, it's without a doubt the most accurate handgun that I own.

If you've already got a 1911, I would recommend you take another look at the 97B.

As previoulsly stated mine was amazingly accurate out of the box and feeds just about anything I run thru it.

Here's a few pics of mine.

It's an RSR special in electroless nickel (one of 60 made in that configuration)

Size comparison to CZ model 75

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