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The problem is, it is now priced a bit high. There is surplus German, Maylasian and British .308 / 7.62 on the market that shoots just as well for less cost. The surplus ammo is not factory seconds and is packed better in boxes or stripper clips...and it is cheaper. The market will, as usual, sort this out in the end, but if the price is the same, the LC stuff is OK ammo.
I would tend to agree with that statement... my flavor of choice right now is Radway Green from SOG by the 750rd sealed case... 5rd strippers in bandoleers. The downside is it is not reloadable.

If you need reloadable brass, the LC wouldn't be a bad choice, just understand you will have to ream/swage the primer pocket crimp out after decapping.

I've found CTD to be METMEE (More Expensive Than Most Everyone Else) when it comes to ammo. They are not 10 minutes away from my house and I rarely buy ammo there.
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