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Criterion 18.5" is on....what im learning/learned so far.

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dove down the rabbit hole, hit some walls, and found some answers.

-first criterion barrel. second 18.5" barrel

i got it back from the smith and i had a chambering issue with my 150gr fmj loads. i had to go from 2.735 to 2.705 to get them to chamber. after shooting it, that went away so there was a burr or ridge or something that shot out, quickly.

the second issue was very poor accuracy, about 4-6moa at best. Some back n fourth with the smith and criterion, and i then figured out the throat is SUPER deep for 175gr and bigger pills.

the third issue was heavy recoil. harsh, violent recoil. my load was BLC2 and the 22" is fine with that. its on the slower end but 2 other m1a enjoyed it. i had to go WAY slower on powders and get the port pressure down.

i al currently @41.8gr of 8208XBR, 150gr @2.800", way above the cannelure. accuracy is about 1.5moa. pressure is grear, recoil is low. adjusted the schuster to lock back and rounda come out and go into a big pile.

hopefully this helps those who want to load for an 18.5" and or criterion.

ill update when i make changes.
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I was not able to consistently keep the accuracy where I wanted it to be. It was good for the week or so and it is just not consistant. I've tried powders, bullets, coal, charges, all of it. I'm tired of wasting my miles, time and components.

I feel the Smith or the barrel maker fell short somewhere, so I am going to buy the Brownells action wrench, reprofile the 6.5 barrel to shed some weight and make it more useable, and put it back on.

Sometimes if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself......
Why don’t you just send it into SA and let them figure it out for you?
What reamer did your smith use to finish the chamber?
Why don’t you just send it into SA and let them figure it out for you?
I'm pretty sure that having the rifle rebarreled by someone else voids the warranty.
What reamer did your smith use to finish the chamber?
A pull through one. The info is on my old phone. He was adamant that he did it correctly and said the head space was set to .002". I checked with some tape on a headstamp and it didn't close @.003" so he's right there.

-if I send it back to SAI they aren't going to honor any warranty, and who knows what they charge for a barrel swap. I'd rather pay the $100 @ Brownells for the action wrench and do it on my own (like I should have done in the first place).
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