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So I have been looking at pistol caliber carbines just for some general plinking and self-defense. Looking at the Kel-tec website I thought a sub2000 in 9mm that uses the same magazines as my glock 19 for $400 would be perfect. I looked it up on buds and found when buds had them in stock they where just under $300. Sounds even better. So then I go to look for it used, I check Texasguntrader.com and HOLY CENSOREDGI. They want more than double the MSRP. Are these peoples out of their CENSOREDGI minds. Who in their right mind would pay twice as much for a plastic gun like a kel-tec. At $300 I would love to have one to throw into the truck with a few extra glock 17 magazines and just leave it there. However for the price they are going for these days I could get an ugly beat up SKS and a couple thousand rounds that would have more rounds and . Are people really paying these prices for a plastic gun?

Note: I put this in the pistol thread as it is a pistol caliber and I could not find a better place please move it if need be thanks.
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