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Crazy Idea???

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I read a post a while back but can't find it with search, about a gunsmith that rebarreled some bush rifles in 358 winchester. Would that be a hog or what? I emailed Krieger about a special barrel but no response. They probably had a good laugh. Anyone know anything about this? I looked up some reloading data and accurate 2460 with a 46 grain charge slings a 200 grain hornady at 2500 fps with a chamber pressure of 51500 cup. If I am not mistaken nato 7.62x51 can have a max pressure of 52000 while commercial 308 goes up to 62000. Sounds like a job for LRB. Seems possible. THX!!!
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I guess it's only natural that someone would try the deed with 300 short magnum. I've read a write up on the AR10 in 300 wsm. As far as 300 vs 358, I thought the case dimentions of the 300 might be too far from the 7.62 to be practicle. But given enough skill and money anything is possible. The 358 is balistically inferior to 300 wsm no question.
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