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Crappy Gas Key Staking

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I have three uppers, a DPMS, a S&W M&P, and a Palmetto State Armory.

The DPMS has a fantastic stake job done by Ahlman's when they replaced the chattered muzzle finish..

The other two are crap. I assume sending them back will be on my dime, so I think I'll be out over $50 for shipping.

For ~$20 more, Brownells will ship me the tool to do it myself: (69.99 + 3.95 = 73.94)

If I get it, what are my odds of selling it and getting most of my $$$ out of it?

EDIT: If I sell it for $50, I'm $20 to the better.
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Is the staking of the gas keys a cosmetic issue or do you fear it will come loose due to poor staking or both?? I have had some ugly staking on gas keys before, but even though did not like them, did not budge and cause any problems, just curious.
Since you already have the start so to speak of staking, use that as a guide to apply the punch to further stake as you see fit. Not hard to do.
I believe the staking of the key originally done due to the full auto ability, combat, etc. would take place, but few civilians are ever going to match that kind of firing in a common AR15 and daily use.
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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