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Crappy Gas Key Staking

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I have three uppers, a DPMS, a S&W M&P, and a Palmetto State Armory.

The DPMS has a fantastic stake job done by Ahlman's when they replaced the chattered muzzle finish..

The other two are crap. I assume sending them back will be on my dime, so I think I'll be out over $50 for shipping.

For ~$20 more, Brownells will ship me the tool to do it myself: (69.99 + 3.95 = 73.94)

If I get it, what are my odds of selling it and getting most of my $$$ out of it?

EDIT: If I sell it for $50, I'm $20 to the better.
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I think you have been spending too much time on AR15(dot)com...Back when I used to dabble on that site all they did was talk about poor staking jobs. Or obsess about "The Matrix" and who's top-tier.
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I wonder if "poorly staked" gas keys is actually a problem? A lot (not saying ALL) of the NM AR's don't have heavily staked keys. Those guys are putting at least 2-3,000 rounds a year and don't see an issue.
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