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cool pic

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Cool pic from the FALfiles.

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It sure is different 8O I suppose it is the training wheel for FNG snipers :lol:

Thats a serious power scope. There also appears to be some wires attached which would suggest its tied to a monitor. A remote fired weapon is a real possibility. Pretty cool eh?
Recoil? What recoil?
Could it be .........

ROBO-GI HEADS FOR IRAQ Military.com says 18 robot GIs are headed for Iraq. These are based on a US bomb-disposal robot, but carry a standard a standard Squad Automatic Weapon. The units has 4 different cameras, and is steered remotely for a mission of up to 4 hours. Some claim the robot GI is a more accurate shooter than real GIs because the platform is electronically stabilized.

Each unit costs $200,000. It occurs to us that the late 1960s price of a new M-60 tank was $200,000.

For the benefit of younger readers: the term GI comes from US Army World War II lingo, short for General Issue. There are many subtle ironies in calling the man and not just his equipment "General Issue".
Source: orbat.com today's update.


Kinda looks like a new ride for outside the front door at the local
K Mart......If it is, I got a pocket full of quarters. :D
Its that new combat robot their going to use. But it doesnt make much sense to send it into combat with just 20 rounds, unless its one of those robots that are programmed to tap mags on their helmets, then insert them into the magwell.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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