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Congrats Six... Awesome Design...

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Aloha and Congratulations SixTGunr!

I've been raving (of couse like a lunatic) of your new design! From what I saw so far... it is Outstanding! I cannot wait to see how the other variations come out!

Before I get too carried away, I would like to also acknowledge your tribute and contribution to our WARRIORS (I like that better than soldiers) in the field... it is outstanding and credit to have guys like you on this board...

I have been fortunate to have a few WhamoCamo stocks and I really love them... I also like showing them off... :lol: But this new design resembling the MARPAT is unreal! It musta took some time to make and produce...

For those who have not seen it yet, check it out in the WTS section... its a 'sticky" on the top.

Given the purpose of the design, having Hawk's Dummy Selector Kits on these stocks will be awesome...

Hawk, I don't know if I ever said it before, but Thank You for making this "doo dad"... it really puts the finishing touches on the stocks that I have... I hope after I get "10" sets, I would qualify for a discount! :lol: Just kidding!

So, Six... for the WARRIORS overseas... Congratulations on a excellent tribute to their efforts and sacrifice and a great design... Job well done, Sir!


Tom O.