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Concealed Carry Now the Law in Missouri

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GREAT NEWS! Missouri's state Supreme Court handed down their ruling today making CCW the law!

Efforts to get CCW in Missouri began back in 1992. It was narrowly defeated on the ballot in 1999, and some would say due to illegal activity at the polls by the Democratic party. After that, legislation was introduced (once again) at the state level, which was passed and then vetoed last July by Democratic Governor Bob Holden. In September, in true soap opera fashion, the governor's veto was overridden. The override hinged on one vote in the state senate, that of a pro-CCW senator who was on Reserve duty at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, but was given permission to return for the special legislative session to review and vote on all 31 of the governors vetos (including CCW). Two days before the law was to go into effect, a judge in St. Louis Circuit Court issued an injunction based on a lawsuit challenging the law on state Constitutional grounds. There were a number of points in the lawsuit, all of which were very weak. In fact, the judge (who's court for filing the lawsuit was chosen because of his known opinions against gun issues), threw out all but one point before issuing the injunction. The case was immediately appealed by the state Attorney General (who is anti-gun, but at least he did his job in pursuing enactment of the law) to the state Supreme Court. The Supreme Court heard the case on January 22 and a quick decision was hoped for by both sides.

The Court was next scheduled to release any decisions on March 9, but handed down the decision today on this particular issue. One Justice dissented on the grounds that the law is not properly funded. But since the Sherriffs offices can charge a fee of up to $100 per CCW applicant, the other Justices didn't see it the same. As for the Constitutional argument against CCW, the Justices were unanimous in deciding that CCW does not violate the state Constitution. So it's final and done - we FINALLY have CCW in the state of Missouri! :-D