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combo tool ??

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I'll start this off by saying that I've been shooting M-14 type rifles for a number of years, and this one is a first for me. I believe my bolt dissasembly tool was made backwards :oops: ? I've had many of these rifles and combo tools and never seen this before. I stick it in the bolt face and when I turn it the slanted part doesn't engage the ejector. In fact, it appears that it should be spinning the other way! Am I off my rocker or has anybody else had this problem?
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I'll admit I've never used the combination tool to disassemble the bolt. Just pry up on the extractor with a small screw driver and it all comes apart easily.

Do a search (although someone with more internet skills than I will probably post a link while I'm typing this) for bolt disassembly. A .30-06 case and a screw driver will do this very nicely.

-- Chuck
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