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I have a USGI re-parked combo tool for my m1a, but brownells has only the m1 cleaning kit available right now (unfortunately a chinese production but ill take it)

My question is if the thread pitch is the same for the m1 cleaning rods as the m14 combo tool?

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If you want the REAL thing, CMP has the cleaning rod kits for the Garand and you just use your M14 cleaning rod handle instead of the Garand M10 handle. The only thing that is not GI with this kit is the canvas pouch that is made from material that is not as thick/strong as the original pouch - the same as on all other commercial kits.

PS106* Cleaning rod. Sealed paper tube containing a new M10 sectional cleaning rod. The tube has metal caps on both ends and contains only the four rod sections, the handle and the swab holder. Tube markings will generally include manufacturers name and date of mfg. A new USGI canvas rod pouch included with each PS106 purchased. $15.95


But to answer your question, the cleaning rod sections and patch tip made by John Masen do fit the original M14 combo tool.
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