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Posting for a friend:

For questions or to register: [email protected] or 303-564-5077.


Hosted by Buffalo Creek Gun Club, www.bcgc.com. At the Camp Fickes rifle range
Near Bailey, Co. 0900 on Sun. Sept 14, 2014

Purpose: To have a safe, fun, shooting opportunity in which to use a rifle that might
otherwise be collecting dust. Especially suited to newer shooters. All are welcome. No reason to miss this one. Open to anyone legally able to possess firearms. Club or other memberships NOT required.

Intended for rack grade rifles (iron sights or optics) such as AR15 types, M1 Garands,
AK, SKS, M1A, etc. Any safe rifle with safe ammo is allowed. No tracer or
incendiary ammunition. A limited number of club AR15’s and ammo will be
available at modest cost if pre-arranged with match director.

Spotting scopes for sight-in only at 600 yds. No shooting coats (light MTU cloth jackets permitted). No shooting gloves, blinders, carts or other equipment needed. Ground cloth or mats allowed (firing lines are gravel), especially at 600 yd line

Prior to 0900 match, a free clinic will be offered at 0800 to teach basic fundamentals of marksmanship, safety, and range scoring procedures.

The match is based on the current US Army combat EIC (Excellence in competition) match. All stages will be fired on the M9 target, same size as E silhouette, 20”x40”, with scoring rings. This is a no alibi match.

What to bring: rifle, sling, and approx. 65 rounds, hearing and eye protection, weather appropriate clothing, water, snacks or food.

Small binoculars, 2-6 mags, mag pouches, and a small pack are recommended.

2 categories: iron sights or optics.

Sling (loop or hasty) allowed in all positions. Pack may be used for support in prone stages. Scoring will be done in pits.

Rapid fire stages will begin with competitors 10-20 yds from firing line and move forward when targets appear. Rifles will have bolts open and magazine NOT inserted until in position to fire. Between stages, rifles will have chamber open, magazine removed, and safety “ON”.

Stat house opens at 0730. Range capacity is 60. Pre-registration requested. For questions or to register: [email protected] or 303-564-5077. Entry fee: BCGC members $5, non-members $15. Range fee allows use of ranges the remainder of the day (rifle or pistol range). Match program subject to change at discretion of match director.


Rifle: 60 rds plus sighters, mags may be loaded to capacity. Mag changes are not required for rifle portion. However, for each stage of fire shooter must count his shots and unload between stages. For excessive hits, shooter will get low ten if he fires too many. Pistol: 5 + 5 +6. No alibis

1- 600 yds, 10 shots, pull and mark each shot
2- 500 (470) yds, 10 shots rapid fire, start in position, 70 sec’s
3- 300 yds, 10 shots rapid fire, standing to prone, 70 sec’s
4- 300 yds, 10 shots sitting sustained fire. Start in position, 3 min’s, score at end
5- 200 yds, 10 shots kneeling, sustained. Start in position, 3 min’s, score at end
6- 200 yds, 5 shots from standing position on a moving target (walk speed)
7- 200 yds, 5 shots from sitting or kneeling on moving target (jogging speed)

Moving targets will traverse approx 50 ft. Shoot only on your target. Targets will be in order. Each hit on mover is 5 pts.

1-25 yds, 5 shots from standing or crouch position. Reload when ready and fire 5 shots from kneeling position. 60 sec’s
2- Approx 10 yds, Fire 2 to body and 1 to head. (2+1). Repeat when ready. “Failure to stop” drill. 30 sec’s

Pistols will be on “safe” until “commence fire”. Stage will begin with round chambered. Double action pistols will fire first shot in each stage via double action (hammer not cocked).

COF subject to change. Sighters to be determined. Firearms may NOT be handled in the pits. No alibis
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