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These courses will be taught at the Elk River Training Center in Pelham, TN
4626 SR 50
Pelham, TN 37366

The class will start at 0800hrs CST and run until approximately 1700hrs. We will break for lunch for 1 hour, you are welcome to bring your own eats or zip out and grab a bite. I am limiting the class to 20 students.

Course fees are $200 per student, to be paid in advance. Your spot isn't reserved until payment is received. 10% discount for M14 Forum members.

Other than the warmups in the morning, all drills will be shot as a team. We will start off with 2-man teams, then progress to 4-man teams, at a minimum. Warmups will include some quick diagnoses of any problems you may have with your fundamentals.

Topics covered will include, but may not be limited to:
Shooting while moving
Team communications
Covered movement
Fire & maneuver
Cover drills when dealing with reloads, malfunctions or weapon transitions
Proper uses of cover/concealment with multiple operators
Break contact
"Man down" drills
Reaction to a vehicle ambush

Gear list:
Carbine with sling
Handgun with holster, minimum 1 spare mag on your person
600 rounds for the carbine (bring more if you have a "heavy trigger finger")
50 rounds for the handgun
Minimum of 2 carbine magazines on your person for reloads. I recommend at least 8 magazines total for the course.
Eye and ear protection
Hat with a front brim
Plenty of water

Your particular gear is up to you; warbelts, vests, suspenders, etc. Body armor and/or helmets are welcome if you choose to wear them, as are suppressors. Your carbine and handgun both need to be sighted in and ready to go, we will not be zeroing.

You are welcome to come with a buddy for partnering. If not, we will partner you with another student who needs someone.

This course will be a very physical course. A lot of movement and rushes. Dress appropriately.

At the end of the day all students will have the opportunity to qualify for ranking on the Tactical Carbine Course. All LEO's will receive POST credit for all hours in attendance.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Semper Fi!
Precision Applications, LLC
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