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Colt Delta Elite - any essential upgrades recommended?

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between my M1A and my Delta Elite, i am a very happy and wouldn't mind selling any other of my collection to keep them. was wondering if there was anything recommended to do to the Delta to help with durability or improve it in any way. other than a bushing compensator its all stock.
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If your 1911 is shooting fine there's nothing you have to do to it. Thousands of 1911's have been screwed up by someone with a file & dremel.

I think the Colt's made in the last few years are the best ever for fit and finish but they do have some MIM parts, the disconnector, sear and magazine catch. I chose to replace these with machined steel parts (including the hammer) from Harrison Design. I've seen arguments back and forth over MIM parts but in a street gun I want 100% dependability.

Your 1911 has a long trigger and an arched main spring housing with standard grips. Are your hands this large? Is this comfortable? I like a short trigger with an arched MSH. But that's me.

Standard 1911 sights suck. Depending on use change to Novak's low mount combat sights or target sights like a Gold Cup. You will shoot better with good sights.

Do you get hammer bite? Is so you'll want to investigate a beaver tail grip safety. Best thing to happen since women got rid of panty hose! Your 1911 has the original style Commander hammer, not my cup of tea but someone's got to like redheads.

You said the barrel "compensator" has been changed. I think you mean the barrel bushing. These come in several different sizes for a reason. How well does your's fit? Tighter is fine for a target gun, you want a tiny bit of play for a street gun.

Grips are really to the owner's preference. Your rubber grips are great for the range but drawing you gun from a holster they'll snag your shirt in a heart beat. I prefer smooth grips that slide on cloth.

I'd use standard Colt springs and the GI guide rod. It's worked fine in millions of 1911's. When you start changing spring rates you can really mess things up in a hurry.

Hope this helps you youngster!
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Replacing your sights with better ones means that dove tails will have to be cut in your slide, definitely a job for a good gunsmith. Look around at the range and you'll see some of these sights being used or your gun shops counter. A shop like Novak's can sight the gun in with the ammo you spec for the best accuracy.

Most guys just know if a 1911 fits them when they first pick it up. But try several combinations. When you pick up the best one for you you'll know it.

A plain 1911A1 sends me home with a bloody hand. But I'm sure I hold one differently than you. If it works for you then leave it alone.

I should have been more clear, I'm not saying to use .45 cal. springs in your DE. I'm saying to stick with the spring rate Colt used in the first place.

I see the new photo with the compensator. It seems you want a target gun and that's fine. I sure wouldn't want a compensator on a street gun.

Just remember, the best way to shoot better is to shoot more. To really stay at my best I used to shoot 100-150 rounds weekly.
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I've never seen the need to change a firing pin stop but this link ought to help you:


There's 50 pages of reading for you....

On the EGW page I saw stops for series 70 and 80 in .38, 9mm, .40 and .45 but not one for your DE.
Please let me know how well this mod reduces recoil in your 1911.
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