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Just waiving my arms while sipping coffee in my recliner while the wind blows outside now . . .

Are there not other, lighter, more compact platforms for a 9mm PCC than the AR family of firearms?

I would think that something like the SIG Rattler, or the Ruger takedown carbine were batter choices.

Have you seen the Fight Light "Raider"? In Subsonic .300 AAC the ballistics are down there with handgun calibers in a compact package.

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Much better than the AWC can on the CAR15 9mm we used for a bit. Quietest can I have ever used in 9mm. The newer Obsidian is handier just not as quiet. I preferred the MP-5 over the Colt SMG. With IMI 158 gr 9mm the MP-5 is VERY ACCURATE and quiet. State side the 147 grain Fed HS works great in the MP-5.
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