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Hello Colorado...


I just wanted to take the time to write up my first impressions of the Colorado Rifle Club Range. Perhaps this will help others make an informed decision about where to shoot their beloved M14 clone.

I recently joined the club and was required to attend an orientation which included a safety/rules briefing and a tour of the very large facility. The briefing took approximately 45 minutes to cover all the standard do's and don'ts. By biggest take away was that this place treats you like an adult and expects you to act as such. Pretty much everything is on the honor system. You are issued a member badge, a key which opens the sheds that contain the targets and target stands, and the combination to the front gate lock.

Each range has its own set of rules on what is and isn't allowed and are generally reasonable and easy to follow without running afoul of some obscure bylaw. If you are the first person to a range, you are assume the responsibility as the Acting Range Office and any other person who arrives should figure out who that person is and work out anything like target changes with that person. Anyone has the ability to call a cease fire for any reason and folks are expected to respect that, but cease fires for target changes and other routine things should be coordinated with the ARO to ensure fairness for all involved.

There are many types of Ranges at Colorado Rifle club and I encourage you to surf the website I listed above, but overall I was very impressed with facilities (especially the high power and steel target ranges). This club is setup to promote competitive shooting so matches take precedence over recreational shooting, but one should find it very easy to get trigger time for their respective discipline as long as they check the event schedule before heading out.


1. A great range to shoot rifles of most types, if Pistols are your thing, then there are probably better places given the lack of a retractable target systems, but the facility are nice and large for an outdoor pistol range.

2. Honor system makes for a no-hassle experience. Follow the rules and a good time is guaranteed for all.

3. Targets and target stands are available in the target sheds at each range and targets can be purchased simply by stuffing money into a steel pay box. Again, honor system is in place. You can bring your own if you like.

4. High Power range has goes out to 1000 yards with supposedly the best target pit west of the Mississippi.

5. Very friendly people. Currently around 900 members, but the facility is huge so shooting time should rarely be a problem if you check the schedule.

6. Camping is allowed, and there are RV electrical hooks (no water or sewer).

7. Bathrooms outhouses are plentiful and clean.


1. Sporting clays facilities are mediocre... but there are launchers in the sheds that can be used. You can bring your own if you like. Should be fine if you are only shooting recreationally.

2. 1 hour drive from Denver.

3. No Ammo is sold here... bring what you will need.

4. No Food. if you didn't bring it, you will have to drive back to Byers to eat (about 20 miles)

5. No open fires (use a grill).

6. 50 BMG rounds are not allowed.

Anyway, I didn't get a chance to shoot after the orientation as there were matches going on at the time so I will have to report back later in that regard but overall, I was impressed with the facility and the few people I did meet. For the $60 membership price (Plus the one time $120 initiation fee), I feel it was money well spent.
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This is in eagle county. I just joined this year, used for many. There has been a ton of upgrades here.
1. New clubhouse
2. Bleachers for friends and family to relax at.
3. New outdoor bathrooms kept very clean
4. Upgrades in every area for ranges.

Today I was at the gun range and they were putting in a new elevated trap thowing tower.
It's very fun for the whole family. No alcohol is allowed, period!
I always pick up brass after shooting in the area I shot in to help keep the ares clean. Brass bins in rim and centerfires areas. Some nice elevated shooting silhouette for rifles not steel bullets. Everyone is very friendly and helpful.

Old salt it's similar to the one you described just not as big yet. The club is buying more land and building it up as fast as members can. We are also getting some more silhouettes.
Slowly but surely we will get there.

If you're in the area hit me up with a pm, maybe we can do some plinking.

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I'll toss this in as information only. My adult children live in the Denver area (Parker and Highland Ranch) and shoot at Ben Lomond Gun Club (blgc.org). They seem to like it quite a bit. Apparently located about 1 hour south of Denver. Worth a look if you're on the south side of Denver. I'll be able to say more when we visit in September.

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ShEEse. You guys are Blessed. CRCI shows $125. over $90.00 annual recurring.. camping allowed too and out to 1K yards. Eagle Valley shows $150. per year unless I'm missing something. The only range even close in size of property is one about 10 mi. north of here which has a waiting list back to 2012. $750. before you even get to annual recurring charges. At one time they were "offering" buy ups in time to the top of the list. I'd shoot my pellet gun in the back yard first.

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Yup, CRC is a great range... especially for the price. The $90 you mention is for a family... if it's just you, it's only $60/year + 1 workbond day of labor or an extra $100 if you don't want to do that.

I've always been perplexed by the fact that Texas doesn't have way more shooting facilities throughout the state... especially near Dallas. Pretty sad that a state that large has so few 600+ yard ranges.
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