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Cole Distributing Garand Sights on M1A Question

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Ok, here's a question:

If I can get a complete rear M1 Garand sight in good condition for $20 and one in excellent condition for $30 from Coles .......

Why is Fulton Armory selling rear sight ele knob for $30, spring cover for $5, rear sight wind knob for $15, rear sight base for $25, and rear sight aperature for $9 totalling a whopping $84???

Am I missing something here?? And these ar not the NM components from FA, they are the regular GI, the NM's are even more expensive.

What is the big difference?
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They sell them at that price because they can.

Garand rear sight assys work just as well on an M14.
Also the ones at coles are gonna be very well used with very little finnish left. Fultons will be in probably as new or new condition. You get what you pay for.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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