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CMP Sanctioned GSVRMM & M1A Match Sat. June 12th Muskegon

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Another double header.

Shoot both events or just one, you're choice. We'll Shoot the GSVRMM matches first then the M1A match immediately after they are completed. Registration starts at 0800 for the first event, cost is $15 first rifle, $10 for the second, utilizing the CMP Course A of fire on the SR target at 200yds.

M1A registration can start anytime. Cost is $15.00. We'll also open up the M1A match to Garands, ARs, etc. M1A match is shot at 300 yds on the SR3 target using the 40 round CMP M1A match course of fire. Remember to bring your smartphone or tablet for the Shot Marker scoring system. If you don't have either, we'll work it out. Any questions please let me know. Thanks!
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