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CMP delivered, Christmas early

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My wife and son Sent in their packets on the same day and they were RNG number was only five numbers apart. Both got the call last Wednesday, and their pistols were delivered on Friday. Both Remington rand Frame with colt slide. My wife got the field grade my son got the rack grade they are happy with both.


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Lots of awesome looking pistols, congrats to all!👍
I got in on the first drawing 13K drawing number, ended up with service grade Remington Rand 1943 with no rebuild marks. Even had a G marked magazine (General Shaver)
Was very happy with the results of the drawing and CMP. Even have a sardine can of 1943 Evansville Chrysler ammo to shoot through it occasionally. View attachment 497941
View attachment 497946
View attachment 497947
Make sure you clean him well that’s corrosive ammo.
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