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I have found this to be an issue with CMI mags in the past, and have posted on other boards regarding it.

3 of my 5 25 rounders, and probably 40 percent of my other (20) 20-rounders fail to hold the bolt open.

ALL of my (10) 60's USGI mags work properly. My rifle is a pre-ban SAI that is in spec, and has never failed. USGI mag release.

I believe it is a follower issue, the contour on the left rear of the follower is not the same as my USGI mags. Also, the shape of the top of the follower is different, and the heavy parkerizing can cause problems.

I contacted 44mag about that, and CMI, and received no response.

So I use my old USGI mags for serious work, and most of the CMIs are either range mags or for sale.

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